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Innovative Agronomics Inc has established a reputation as “problem solvers” and “trouble shooters.” We did it by creating solutions for Turf Managers throughout Canada and the United States. We work with Turf Managers at all sizes and types of facilities. Our goal? To help you grow and manage the highest quality turfgrass attainable for your facility. And, we do it one field at a time to ensure you get the one-on-one, on-site, personalized experience and attention your field and your program deserves. That’s not advertising or marketing hype. That’s fact.

We’ve integrated our programs into all facets of the agronomic industry, from football, soccer and hockey fields to golf courses. We do what any good builder does, we start from a solid foundation and build on that. Without a solid, healthy foundation, nothing else in your program matters.

By using the latest analytical technology available we determine what you actually have now, as opposed to what you might think or believe you have. The naked eye is no match for science. We come to your particular site and test your soil system, your environment, your water and a lot of other things you might not even think matter in creating healthy soil.

We base our recommendations on your specific soil system and environment, not on “the area,” system or what the guy five miles down the road is doing. We are specific to your site, your water, your resources and your goals.

Even more important, we’re independent. If you’ve had a “free” soil test and assessment done by any of the major companies that do them, you know what you get for free—recommendations for their specific products and programs.

However, we believe strongly in exclusive independent consulting with no attachment or pressure to use or buy specific products or sales programs. We aren’t sponsored or supported by manufacturers or companies. We do test and use their products before we stand behind them so we know which ones will work or which ones aren’t as good for specific fields with specific issues. Using the wrong product can actually slow down or hurt a field if it contains product you don’t need.

We give you a list of all the manufacturers whose products we’ve tested and tell you which ones have the best combination or product composition that will work for your site. Then you choose what you want to buy based on your budget, and your program and your needs. We’re only vested in getting you scientific, unbiased facts that you can make decisions with that fit your needs and resources.

So, if you are looking for professional solutions to improve the quality and production of your facility, maximize the efficiency of your inputs and at the same time build a supportive relationship with experienced, hands-on professionals… Innovative Agronomics Inc. is the right choice!

Brookside Laboratories A2LAWe look forward to Growing Stronger Together!

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